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The Race

Every day, we run authentic head-to-head races (called ‘regattas’) on an America’s Cup race course set in the beautiful Great Bay of Sint Maarten.

At 12 Metre Regatta, the race is for everyone ages 6 or older*, and no prior sailing experience is necessary! Our expert crew will provide you and your party with all the knowledge needed to safely enjoy this sailing adventure of a lifetime.

*6-8 year old guests may join the excursion with guardian consent.



Prior to boarding the America’s Cup race yachts, guests form into teams and receive an introduction to these unique boats and the incredible racing event they are about to experience. Guests are then tendered out to the yachts anchored in the bay.

Guests have the option to actively participate grinding winches, trimming sails, punching a stopwatch or to sit back and enjoy the thrill of the ride! For guests who elect to participate, they are provided a task along with clear instructions from one of our professional 12 Metre Regatta crew members. These instructions will include the voice commands to expect during the race and what to do when these commands are heard. Guests have a chance to hone their skills while the boats sail down to the starting line for the race.

Yacht racing requires significant cunning, tactics and experience. The skippers and 12 Metre Regatta crew members will outline their strategy for winning the race. Then it’s “go time” and the race around the America’s Cup course is underway!

Under the watchful eyes of the crew, guests enjoy the adrenaline rush of sailing these fabulous thoroughbreds of the sea. After the boats round the first mark and head off towards the next leg, the excitement aboard each yacht is palpable. These agile America’s Cup race boats slice through the clear blue waters of Sint Maarten at surprising speeds that have everyone grinning from ear to ear!

While the America’s Cup yachts race towards victory, a photographer on our committee boat captures the action. It’s truly a dream come true for fans of the America’s Cup and the legendary 12 Metre Class yachts, as well as an exceptional thrill for both seasoned sailors and novices alike.

Please note that the 12 Metre fleet are pure race boats and they have no washroom facilities. Total time on the water is 2 hours, so please make sure you’ve made arrangements to go before you board!

Every race must have a winner, and only one race boat will cross the finish line first. However, after such a uniquely thrilling racing experience we assert that there can be no losers! For all competitors, there is a victory celebration back at the 12 Metre Clubhouse & Boutique where you browse for race gear, souvenirs and photos of your race. You’ll also enjoy our signature “12 Metre Crew Punch” made with Mount Gay Rum and share a well-earned cheers to the sail of a lifetime. Smiles abound. Lifelong memories are formed!