St Maarten Snorkeling Day Trips to Pinel Island and Tintamarre Island

Snorkeling is just one of many exciting St Martin excursions, and there is one popular site where you’re greeted by a community of friendly iguanas.

Snorkeling Day Trips to Pinel Island, St. Martin

Situated at the northeast side of Sint Maarten is Pinel Island (Île Pinel) which boasts beautiful beaches, pristine water, and marvelous marine life.

Travel by ferry, or rent a kayak or even a paddleboard from a local outfit such as Caribbean Paddling and paddle your way to this beautiful little island. The ferry departs from the French side of the island at Cul de Sac and takes just 5 minutes.

Quiet Seclusion and Amazing Sint Maarten Snorkeling on Tintamarre Island

While its name might mean cacophony in English, Tintamarre (Île Tintamarre) Island offers up only sublime tranquility to visitors who step on its shores. This uninhabited island is part of the Saint Martin Nature Reserve which means its wildlife and waters are protected. Some of the best snorkeling on St. Martin is on the west side Baie Blanche which is a superb swimming beach. Snorkel with the turtles which thrive in the seagrass in front of the beach.

While Pinel Island has three restaurants and other amenities, Tintamarre Island is a Nature Reserve without services. The isolation is peaceful. But visitors are encouraged to bring food and water with them if they want to explore the island and learn its early history. The best way to get to Tintamarre Island is with a private excursion company.

Creole Rock Offers Diverse Underwater Ecosystems

North of Grand Case Bay is Creole Rock, part of the French Nature Reserve and an area with a diverse ecosystem. One side is generally calm and shallower where colourful tangs and parrot fish swim, the other side rougher where you’ll find dolphins, rays, turtles and nurse sharks.

Experience the Beauty of St Martin

The best way to enjoy your snorkeling adventure on St Martin is to take advantage of the amazing boating day trips which all include snorkeling equipment and experienced friendly crew to ensure a wonderful experience. A four hour excursion with Captain Alan’s Boat Charters, out of Oyster Bay Beach Resort Marina, takes you to Tintamarre and Pinel islands and lunch is included.

Starting at Three Palm Plaza, you can travel to Simpson Bay, Creole Rock, and Long Beach with Billy Bone’s Boat Charters and enjoy open bar and snacks along the way. Octopus Diving offers a delightful half day excursion to Turtle Reef and Creole Rock.

So, grab your mask and snorkel! Welcome to the scenery and splendour of St Martin where you’ll experience wildlife surprises even before you step into the sparkling waters.


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