The Race Yachts

In St. Maarten, our classic sailing thoroughbreds, nearly seventy feet long with masts the height of an eight-story building, take you on a duel of a lifetime for that split-second advantage and the glory of being the first to cross the finish line!

12 Metre Class race yachts were built between 1907 (when the class was defined) and 1987 when the last America's Cup was sailed on this specification. Approximately 170 12Metre Class vessels were built, of which only approximately 100 of exist in the world today. We are lucky enough to count five of the beautiful 1987 "great 12's" as our fleet, including Stars and Stripes (US-55) - considered among the most famous sailing vessels in history of the America's Cup.

Our America's Cup race yachts represent the zenith of the 12 Metre marque. They are maintained in pristine condition and kept in authentic race format, with only minor modifications to ensure guest safety. Learn more below.

Our Fleet

  • The very yacht that defeated the Australian defender Kookaburra III by 4 races to nil to win the America's Cup back for the USA.

    Experience the jaw-dropping speed and precision with which Stars & Stripes 87 (US-55) cuts through the ocean on one of our daily regattas in Sint Maartin.

  • Built to withstand the heavy seas and winds expected in Fremantle, Australia, this incredible vessel was designed with a different keel and more sail area than her predecessors.

    Join us daily for a memorable race on Stars & Stripes 86 in the warm blue seas surrounding Cozumel, Mexico.

  • Designed to take on the heavy seas surrounding Fremantle, Australia, the True North 1 was crafted as a longer, more robust vessel.

    Feel her razor through the seas around Sint Maarten, on an exhilarating daily challenge.

  • "Ivy" as she is affectionately named, is the sister hull to True North 1. Heavier and longer on the waterline, True North IV holds the record for the longest waterline length for a 12 Metre Class vessel.

    Ivy is in a league of her own within the Cozumel, Mexico racing fleet and she offers you a race experience you'll never forget.

  • Generally regarded as being the fastest light air 12 Metre Class boats in the world, Canada II competed in the 1987 Louis Vuitton Cup.

    She delivers a superb dose of speed as she takes on her challengers in daily regattas along the coast of Sint Maarten.

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