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European and Caribbean influences make Sint Maarten an extraordinary vacation destination.


Sint Maarten captivates you with its cosmopolitan energy, lively nightlife, exquisite dining, and unforgettable beaches.


There is an inexhaustible list of activities to do on Sint Maarten, and visitors are invited to take advantage of the diversity of tourist attractions on both land and sea.



St. Maarten is divided into two countries, the French St. Martin and Dutch St. Maarten. There are no border crossing formalities, making it easy to explore the beauty and cultural identity of each side of the island. St. Maarten is serviced by a multitude of airlines arriving regularly from Europe, South America, United States and Canada. Visitors to St. Maarten will fly into Princess Juliana Airport on the Dutch side of the island.


If you are arriving into St. Maarten by cruise ship, you will sail into Philipsburg, the Dutch capital city. Join your fellow explorers on a journey to discover the understated elegance of this island occupied by two nations. From duty-free shopping to exciting excursions that immerse you in the beauty of this Caribbean island.

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