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Top Five Souvenirs From Dutch Sint Maarten

Our top five souvenirs from Dutch Sint Maarten might be edible, elegant or even extraordinary, but one of them is a product that lingers on well after its contents are gone.

  1. Local Rum: Bring home the authentic flavours of the islands with rums from Madoudou Rum. Not only are the artisanal blends amazing, but the bottles they come in are all beautifully hand-painted. Once the delicious drink is done, you’ve got an attractive bottle showcasing the sights and symbols of the island. Other superb choices in rum are the award winning creations by Topper’s Rhums, where you can also take a distillery tour, and authentic guavaberry rum of Guavaberry Emporium. This unique fruit tree produces pale green berries when unripe; however as the fruit ripens the berries will turn either black or orange in colour…without any difference in flavor.
  2. Go Dutch: If you collect Delftware or wish to start the Dutch side of St Maarten is exactly where you want to be. For prime painted porcelain, head to The Dutch Delft Blue Gallery on Front Street which features four types of hand painted Delftware as well as numerous Christmas ornaments, Madonna and Santa figures and nativity sets.
  3. Quality Souvenirs: The Shipwreck Shops exemplify turning misfortune into something positive. After a shipwreck off the coast of Antigua, the owners opened up a shop decorated with some of the wreckage of the yacht. Now the company has grown significantly all over the island including many shops in Philipsburg offering an amazing array of gifts, novelties, sportswear, specialty spices and jams and liquors.
  4. Timepieces and Jewelry: A member of the prestigious retail group “Leading Jewelers of the World”, Shiva’s Jewelers, located on Front Street, offers exquisite diamond pieces as well as fine timepieces from the best Swiss watchmakers. If you are celebrating a milestone anniversary on Sint Maarten, a visit to Shiva’s will leave an everlasting impression.
  5. Cameras and Electronics When you are surrounded by Sint Maarten’s natural beauty it’s only natural that you might wish to snap a few shots by which to remember your time here. And if your camera is not up to the job, head to Boolchand’s. Since 1963 the Boolchand’s has stood for quality and excellent service. With many stores in Philipsburg, there’s plenty of opportunity to choose from an extensive selection of linens, electronics, cameras, watches and Pandora fine jewelry.

Whether it is a flavour or fashion, painted or polished, a bauble or a bangle, any one of these top five souvenires from Dutch Sint Maarten will ensure your island holiday remains a great memory.

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