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True North IV (KC-IV)

Built in 1985 by Crockett-McConnel, True North IV features the sister hull to True North 1.

America's Cup Yacht True North IV cutting through the waters in Great Bay, St. Maarten

True North IV (or “Ivy” as we like to call her) incorporates numerous adjustments that her designer, Steve Killing felt would make her go just that little bit faster in a bid to win the 1987 America’s Cup. In particular, she is longer on the waterline and heavier for better speed and seaworthiness in the strong Australian winds for which she was built.
At the time she was drawn,Ivy was a bold design move – she has the longest waterline length of any 12 Metre Class vessel ever created. Sadly however, Ivy never saw competition due to her Canadian syndicate lead by the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Club running into financial trouble during their campaign. Her abandoned hull was tracked down by Colin Percy, the founder of the St. Maarten 12 Metre Regatta. He took it upon himself to see her true purpose fulfilled, and to not have this piece of sailing history lost. Ivy arrived in Sint Maarten in May 1993, where she was completed and launched by the dedicated crew of the 12 Metres, and continues to be the true challenger she is.


Length overall (Loa)

20.50 Metres (67.3 Feet)

Loaded waterline length (Lwl)

14.02 Metres (46 Feet)


3.79 Metres (12.4 Feet)


2.68 Metres (8.8 Feet)


164 Sq. Metres (1765.3 Sq. Feet)