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About Us

The St. Maarten 12 Metre Regatta is a spirited, authentic America’s Cup race experience.

We provide both experienced and novice guests with a unique and thrilling opportunity to race some of the most magnificent and famous race yachts in the world.

Designed for speed and maneuverability, 12 Metre Class yacht designs ushered in a new era of America’s Cup racing when the format was introduced in 1958. The fleet operated by the 12 Metre Regatta is an unprecedented collection of 1987 vintage boats that represent the pinnacle of the marquee.

Each vessel is the result of multi-million dollar R&D programs and years of testing and refinement. They are regarded as some of the fastest 12 Metre Class sailboats in the world, including the beautiful world renowned Stars and Stripes 87 US-55, which under the brilliant command of Dennis Conner returned the America’s Cup back to the United States from Australia during the 1987 America’s Cup.

Except for some guest safety enhancements, all yachts in the 12 Metre Regatta fleet have been exquisitely maintained in original form. They deliver the same caliber of performance and racing experience that the boats were originally designed to handle as potential challengers for the 1987 America’s Cup.

For guests to Sint Maarten / Saint Martin, the 12 Metre Regatta is a showcase adventure that should not be missed.