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Don't take our word for it! Hear from our satisfied guests and understand what makes 12 Metre Racing the Caribbean's ultimate sailing adventure.

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Oh my gosh!!! I had no idea what we were in for since my Brother-in-law booked the activity! And when he said we were to be part of a working crew, I may have groaned a bit!

However!!!! What an incredibly fabulous outing! Captain Morgan made sure that everyone was well versed on their given jobs aboard the racing vessel! We were up against another America's Cup Sailboat and we raced for bragging rights!

We all took our jobs quite seriously as we learned about the fine art of racing on a World Cup Sailboat! Our Captain took his job seriously and we knew from the start we were destined to win!

It was quite a thrill and everyone on board enjoyed every aspect of the trip. We even had a designated bartender from the tour group who generously passed out water, beer, and soft drinks.

When our boat won, as we knew we would, we were quite proud and celebrated with Rum punch back on the dock and perhaps some trash talking at the losing team!

Definitely a must do!! Thrilling, informative, interesting, and tons of fun!


Freaking awesome. This is no joke. You’re on the actual 1987 Americas Cup boat. There are some physical jobs, some light duty jobs, and others done necessarily anything. Me and my family was on the Stars and Stripes with Captain Morgan. The crew is super smart (and nice and funny), and teach you your “job” on the boat.


I would definitely do it again if I ever make it back.


If you want a unique experience, look no further. There are places all over the island to snorkel, swim, boat, jet ski….just like many other islands. But the opportunity to sail in an iconic class of sailboat under race-like conditions doesn’t come often. Captain Morgan (actually his name, not the rum) and his crew were fantastic. They gave us great instructions while also entertaining us.


I can’t recommend this activity enough. If this type of thing intrigues you at all, stop reading and book it. I guarantee you won’t regret it. We definitely don’t regret it and would certainly do it again.


We did this about 8 years ago and enjoyed the race so much it was on the short list for our recent trip. Did not disappoint! I kind of wondered whether the races were pre scripted but absolutely not! The captains truly are competing! Just a second here or there can change the outcome!


The fact that the sailboats are in themselves actual americas cup competitors only adds to the interest.


Our family absolutely loved this unique and thrilling sailing experience that was the highlight of our trip last week to St Martin! We were on the Stars and Stripes 86 and Captain Morgan and crew were extremely professional but also a lot of fun.

Racing against the Canada II made the experience even more exciting and it is great that everyone can be involved with an active role on the crew. I was designated as time keeper and barkeeper, both very much in line with my limited sailing skill set. Captain Morgan very kindly took extra time to involve our son who is interested in the profession.

Thanks to the the Captain and crew for a wonderfully memorable sail and we will absolutely do this experience again on our next visit to St. Martin!


This 12 Metre Regatta was the reason we booked our particular Caribbean cruise. This was recommended by friends. We were up close and personal with these yachts in '87 in San Diego and the opportunity to actually be aboard was thrilling.


This was everything we hoped it would be! Thank you, Skipper & Crew, for a bucket list excursion.


My wife and I enjoyed this excursion 11 years ago and knew one day we would return with our kids who are now teenagers. The day was just as good as we remembered! We all had a fantastic time. The crew is top notch, nothing but helpful and friendly.


We sailed while our cruise ship was in port and it's one of the best excursions, highly recommend it!


This was an incredible experience! I booked this via the cruise I was on (NCL Epic), as I was looking for something a little more adventurous than a beach day, and boy did this really produce an experience! One of the crew members met us at the pier where our cruise ship was docked and walked us a short distance to the other end of the port where we boarded a boat to bring us out to the moored sail boats in the bay.


While on the boat, they divided us into two groups and assigned us jobs (you are able to choose active or inactive at this point). After the short trip, we boarded the sail boats and received a brief overview of our assigned tasks; then we raced! It was great fun, the crew heckled the other boat and really brought on a sense of competition. The crew was wonderful all the way around. They engaged you as much as you wanted to be engaged. I asked endless questions (because I’m just that annoying person) as we were racing and the crew was more than happy to answer anything, even demonstrate concepts and having me switch spots just so I could better understand the workings of the boat.


If I ever return to the island, I would hands down do this again!

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