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Length: 20.11 Metres (66 Feet)

Beam: 3.65 Metres (12 Feet)

Draft: 2.72 Metres (8.9 Feet)

Sail: 166 Sq. Metres (1786 Sq. Feet)


Canada II is generally regarded as being the fastest light air 12 Metre Class sailboat in the world.

Canada II was designed by Bruce Kirby and built by McConnel Marine in 1982, and competed in the 1983 Louis Vuitton Cup as Canada I. In between the ’83 and ’87 competitions she was radically redesigned, being extended both in her bow and stern, given the addition of a winged keel, and rechristened Canada II. She went on to serve as Western Canada’s challenge for the 1987 Louis Vuitton Cup under the flag of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club. She is extremely fast, agile and tough to beat during every 12 Metre Regatta race!

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